Artificial Insemination Catalog


1.Semen vacuum tubes (6032) 2. Semen collecting tubes (6033) 3.Semen collecting corks (6035) 4.Semen collecting vials 10ml (6034) 5. 50ml flasks (6034-50) 6.Syringe caps (5575P) 7.Mixing/cleaning needles (5557) 8. 3cc syringe (5575-3) 9.6cc syringe (5575-6) 10. 6cc sterile syringe (5575-6S) 11.Semen collecting jackets
* 110 volt 60hz (6036-X1) 220 volt 50hz (6036-X2) Non-heated (6036-XD)

Your search for a supplier of all your A.I. needs is over. We have all the collection devices you will ever need, from our warmed semen-collecting jacket (also available with no heaters) to collecting vials, corks, tubes and mixing needles, syringe caps, and syringes (avail- able in 3cc, 6cc and 6cc sterile). We have what you're looking for. If we don't have it, you don't need it.

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