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We have taken the air injection system from our A.I. Chair and have made it portable. This unit is the brains behind our super-low- pressure injection air. This system has a high-pressure regulator, our exclusive constant-air-bleed low-pressure regulator, a low-pressure gauge, and our A.I. injection "gun." Included is a wall mount, for placement away from the insemination area. Again, this unit filters the air, removing spermacidal contaminants and moisture. There is no other system that even comes close to delivering injection air this clean. It comes complete and ready for use but does require an outside air supply


For the economy-minded flock owner, we offer our SEMEN AGITATOR III. This model will not cool with its own power and is designed for short periods of semen holding. The speed of the agitation is set at a proper 95 RPM's (110 volt 60hz/12 volt DC) or 103 RPM's (220 volt-50hz). It has the same capacity as our other models and uses the same foam insert. We use a deeper (6 inch-15.5 cm) stainless steel pan for a larger capacity of cool­ ing. A special "blue ice" block fits into the bottom of this pan to provide extra cooling of the water bath. Ice water must be pro­ vided by the user for cooling.

•  12 50ml Flask included
•  Flasks held in "water bath"
• Correct agitation movement
•  No lube gears or bearings
Easy cleaning on inside
• Removable motor and gear assembly

3 available models:
AG-3-012 - 12 volt DC
AG-3-220 - 220 volt 50hz
AG-3-110 - 110 volt 60hz

Shipping Information:
15 x 29 x 24 in / 50 lbs
38x73x62 cm/23 kg

Actual Dimensions:
14 x 28 x 23 in / 45 lbs
36 x 71 x 60 cm / 21 kg




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