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Savings Formula:

We have taken the time to describe our method of A.I. for you. Being the largest manufacturer in the world of A.I. equipment for poultry, with more equipment in all the nations of the world than any other manufacturer, our method and equipment have proven themselves. After reading the following pages, turn back to this page and use the calculation methods provided below, using your figures that will best represent your program. You'll then understand why so many people now use our equipment.

Use the following abbreviations for calculation:

HPH - Hens Per Hour
NP - Number of People
HPMH - Hens Per Man Hour
NHIW - Number of Hens
Inseminated Weekly
TTC - Total Time of Crew
TCPH - Total Cost Per Hour
CI - Cost of Insemination
AHW - Average Hourly Wage


Compare #1 to #2. Savings of $736.00 weekly.

Compare #1 to #3. Savings of $480.00 weekly. This method also makes it possible to inseminate more hens in a given allotment of time. Not by speeding the process up, but by actually slowing down the rate of insemination, each inseminator is handling only 600 hens an hour average. This makes for an easier pace in which to do a more efficient job. This slower pace will aid in the ability to achieve higher fertility.
To see all the advantages our equipment produces, one must also compute into the overall picture of savings the ADDITIONAL PROFIT that is found with the increase in fertility. Below, we have used random figures to show this. To arrive at your true amount, plug in your own figures.

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