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Intro to A.I.:

When we consider the procedure for artificial insemination, there are two items that are vitally important to the success of the program. One of them is the people involved, and the other is their knowledge. First of all, we must have people who understand what they are doing and why. Secondly, they must have the knowledge of the process of insemination. It is important that all involved understand the mechanics of reproduction.

In turkey breeding, correct insemination techniques can have a greater influence on the profitability of a flock than any other factor. A few percentage points in fertility results can make the difference between profit and loss. Because of this, I would like to emphasize that everyone involved in the production of hatching eggs management, technicians, and workers should understand the entire program.

It is not enough to be content with high fertility at the start of a season and then just stand by and watch it fall off. It has been proven that a high fertility average can be maintained through­ out each season. One should not accept a bad or fair season after a good one with the idea that it is just part of an unexplainable cycle.

Artificial insemination is not influenced by the sun, moon, or tides. Good fertility is the result of a constant effort at using the correct insemination techniques. Again, to achieve those high fer­ tility results, it is essential for everyone involved to be inter­ ested in a job well done.

The equipment we have at International A.I. Inc. was invented and designed to make A.I. easier for the people who are doing the insemination and for the birds themselves, doing the process with both increased accuracy and precision. This equipment, like all equipment, is only a tool. With our equipment placed in the proper hands, you will be able to produce the high­ est possible fertility at the lowest possible cost. After all, that's what this game is all about.

Bradley S. Blume, President

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