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Closed for operating and cleaning

Compact and self-contained

Our Semen Injector uses the same filtered injection system as our A.I. Chair but has its own self-contained, oil-less compressor.

•  Waterproof! Easily disinfected
•  Completely self-contained
•  All instruments enclosed for protection
•  Filtered incoming air protects compressor
•  Filtered injection air no spermacides
•  Two moisture traps air tank bleed
•  Strong and durable fiberglass enclosure
•  Rugged, dependable and reliable

3 Models Available:
P9-110 110 volt 60hz
P9-220 220 volt 50hz
P9-012 12 volt DC

This unit has all the same qualities of our A.I. Chair's injection systems but is totally self-contained. We use an oil-less compressor, and all incoming air is filtered for longevity of the compressor and for clean A.I. injection. To make sure the injection air is clean, we filter a second time with a 5 micron filter/drier cartridge. We trap all spermacidal material and prevent moisture from damaging the precision instruments. Two locations are pro­vided for moisture removal. All controls and gauges are enclosed behind a clear Lexan cover. This provides a view of the air pres­ sure gauge and makes the unit waterproof. Our A.I. hand "gun" air line is also detachable from the injection system. A check valve prevents any disinfectant from entering the air line. A cap is also provided to to prevent any foreign matter from entering. This unit can be operated in a vertical or horizontal position. Hangers are provided for vertical wall mounting. This unit is shipped with 12 feet of injection line for mounting away from the insemination area.

No other semen injector on the market today can be disinfected like ours!

Shipping Information:
Shipping Dimensions:
15x20x11 in.
13 x 51 x 28 cm.

Shipping Weight:
27 lbs.
13 kg.

Actual Dimensions:
13x16x9 in.
33x41x23 cm.

Actual Weight:
23 lbs




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