Since 1973 when our first A.I. equipment was introduced to the turkey industry, we have helped to produce more turkeys than McDonald's has sold hamburgers. Our equipment helps to produce almost 100% of all turkeys in Canada and the United States through either grandparent or parent flocks. Our equipment has produced billions of birds in over 25 countries throughout the world, while providing the industry with millions of dollars of increased profits through reduced labor costs and increased fertility and hatchability.

Our customer satisfaction is a top priority with us. For without a strong customer base, no business can exist. You will not find another supplier of A.I. equipment in the world that has an employee who takes more care in the building of his product. I, Bradley S. Blume, owner of International A.I., Inc. personally helped to cut, weld, wire, machine, assemble, and test our products. Nothing leaves our doors unless it has my personal stamp of approval. So sometime if you have a chance to visit our 7,500 square foot facility, don't be surprised if I have to wash my hands first before I shake yours.

Bradley S. Blume

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