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SEMEN AGITATOR II : We have 3 different models to choose from

A scaled down version of our Semen Agitator I model. We use many of the same mechanical functions of our top model but do away with some of the "bells and whistles." This unit has all the same features except we eliminate the following: Control box, variable speed motor, external thermostat and heater option. Cooling temperature can still be adjusted by the cooler's own thermostat, but the operator must rely on a probe thermometer inserted into the water bath for the actual tempera­ ture. The speed of the agitation is set at a fixed rate of 95 rpm (110 volt 60 hz/12 volt DC) and 103 rpm (220 volt 50 hz).

A scaled down model from our top of the line. You'll find many of the same features but we have done away with some of the "bells and whistles" for those who prefer "less features" but want the same reliable source of cool­ing and agitation.

•  No extra ice required
•  Temperature-controlled cooling
•  Optional heating blanket
•  (12) 50ml flask capacity
•  (12) 50ml flasks included
•  Flasks held in water bath
•  Correct agitation movement
•  Cooler is constructed from metal
•  Cooler uses compressor for cooling
•  No-lube gears and bearings
•  Easy cleaning on inside
•  Removable motor and gear assembly

3 Available Models

AG-2-012 - 12 volt DC cool only

AG-2-110 - 110 volt 60 hzcool only

AG-2-220 - 220 volt 50 hz cool only

* Can be used for 220 volt 50hz applications. Customer must supply 5 AMP 12 volt trans­ former and motorcycle-type bat­ tery for buffer.

Shipping Dimensions:
Agitator Body:
15x29x 19.25 in./38x 74x60 cm.

Shipping Weight:
Agitator Body:
65 lbs./29 kg.

Actual Dimensions:
Agitator Body:
14 x 28 x23.5 in./36 x 71 x 60 cm.

Motor Drive:
22 x 14 x 12 in./56x 36x31 cm.

Motor Drive:

Actual Weight:
Agitator Body & Motor Drive:
86 lbs./37 kg.



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