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The collecting of high-quality semen is paramount to the success of an A.I. program. High-quality semen that is free of blood, fecal or urate materials that act as a spermicide, is easily obtained by a collector when using our One-Man Tom Milking Bench. With only one man in the pen, your toms stay calm and relaxed, making it easi­ er to collect high-quality semen. Our bench holds the torn gently but firmly, immobilizing him. The bench has its own lighting source and also provides a place for the milker to relax while collecting.

The semen is collected into a vial that is warmed by our temperature-con­ trolled Semen Collecting Jacket to pre­ vent any temperature shock. When semen leaves a torn, it is brought into a hostile environment. Usage of our Semen Collecting Jacket reduces this shock to a minimum. Collecting by sucking on a tube, greatly increases the chance of spermacidal contamina­ tion. We form a vacuum inside a vial with a small laboratory-style vacuum pump that is activated by the milker's foot. This amount of vacuum is adjustable so that a minimum of vacuum is used, and remains the same for each milking.

All of these features found on our One- Man Tom Milking Bench lend them­selves to the ability of one person to collect the highest quality semen, free of fecal, urates or other sper­macidal material

Biggest labor saver of all One man does it all.
Vacuum collects the semen gently.
Collecting device fits onto milkers hand.
Collecting jacket prevents temperature shock.
Precision controlled temper ture.
Removable collecting vial.
Leg clamp holds the torn firmly but gently.
Our holding pads will not harm the totn's legs.
Lighting provided from bench's own supply.
Vacuum controlled from foe switch by milker.
Stainless steel frame and clamping arm.
Fiberglass vacuum box, waterproof electrical source.

4 models available:

#M804-l 10 RH 110 volt 60hz Right Hand

#M804-110LH 110 volt 60hz Left Hand

#M804-220 RH 220 volt 60hz Right Hand

#M804-220 RH 220 volt 60hz Left Hand

Specify if collecting from right or left.


Vacuum-Control Foot Switch

The vacuum for collecting semen is turned on and off by the milker's foot. When the milker needs vacuum, he simply presses on the foot pedal to activate the vacuum pump. This assembly never needs oil. Its stainless steel construction and "no lubricate" bearing will give you a lifetime of trouble-free service.

Lighting Lamp Post

We provide adequate lighting for the milker from our lamp post assembly. There is enough light that the milker can easily collect semen free of fecal and urate spermacidal material. Mounted on "slip" bearings, post can be moved by the milker with a simple push or pull to the assembly

Bottom View of Vacuum Box

Our rear-mounted fiberglass vacuum box system encloses all electrical connections. The laboratory vacuum pump is also mounted inside for protection. The vacuum line is easily dis­ connected from this system and a check valve provides protection from any material entering. All connections to this system are waterproof.

Not shown but available:

Same features but a front mounted clamp assembly for collection of semen from smaller birds.

Top Rear View

From the rear view of the bench, you can see our milker's seat and backrest, the torn tray area, which prevents ripped seats, and the lamp post that provides lighting

Our One-Man Tom Milking Bench is the most well-designed, compact, lightest and strongest made in the world. Its stainless steel frame and assembly will last a lifetime with no corrosion. This unit is shipped complete along with our heated Semen Collecting Jacket.

Shipping Information:
Back Rest:

24 x 16 x 18 in./35 lbs.
66 x 41 x 46 cm./16 kg.

Main Frame:
38 x 23 x 23 in./46 lbs.
96x59x57cm./21 kg
Actual Dimensions:

43 x 19 x 21 in. (seat height)
110 x 48 x 53 cm. (seat height)

Actual Weight::
60 lbs. (Assembled)
27 kg. (Assembled)


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