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SEMEN AGITATOR I : We have 5 different models to choose from

We have designed this unit to specifications that were found to produce the maximum fertility while holding semen, from the correct number of RPM's of agitation to the correct tem­ perature settings. Turkey breeders can now implement the idea of semen holding with utmost confidence.

The holding of semen has proven that fertility levels can be kept high, also providing higher hatchability. Agitation of semen can prevent the accumulation of metabolic by-products which could impair sperm viability. The benefit of semen agitation is the aeration of the semen. We recommend the use of our Beltsville Turkey Extender II for semen holding.

When the turkey breeding industry first started to experiment with holding semen, they came to International A.I. Inc. for the development of an agitation unit. Why? They knew we'd get the job done. Our Semen Agitator will provide you with a reliable source of cooling and agitation. You'll have the satisfaction of knowing that this is another link in the chain of our A.I. equipment that you can depend on

•  No extra ice required
•  Temperature-controlled cooling
•  Optional heating blanket
•  (12) 50ml flask capacity
•  (12) 50ml flasks included
•  Flasks held in water bath
•  Correct agitation movement
•  Speed control is adjustable
•  All systems come with pilot lights
•  Cooler is constructed from metal
•  Cooler uses compressor for cooling
•  No-lube gears and bearings
•  Easy cleaning on inside
•  Removable motor and gear assembly

5 Available Models
AG410410-012 110 volt cool/heat

AG410-000-012 110 volt cool

AG-012-012-012 * 12 volt cool/heat

AG-012-000-012 *12 volt cool

AG410-012-012 110/12 volt cool

* Can be used for 220 volt 50hz applications. Customer must supply 5 AMP 12 volt trans­ former and motorcycle-type battery for buffer.

Control panel with pilot lights

Accurate temperature

Our control box encloses all electrical connections. Each function has its own pilot light so the operator can see that all operating systems are working. The thermostat is externally controlled, with its "bulb" sensor placed inside the main cooler body for accurate settings.

Motor & gear assembly

Gear driven

The motor and gear assembly simply pull up and out of the cooler body. No tools are required, making cleaning easy. The motor speed is adjustable from the control panel, and the motor is also sealed to prevent damage from disinfectants.

Large capacity (12) 50ml flasks

A stainless steel pan holds a water bath to prevent temperature changes to semen when the unit is opened. A foam insert prevents the water from spilling during the agitation process and also holds the (12) 50ml flasks in place.

Laboratory Quality!

Shipping Information:

Agitator body
22 x 29 x 19.25 in.
56 x 74 x 60 cm.

Motor drive:
22x14x12 in.
56x36x31 cm.

Delete for 220 volt: Transformer 15x 11 x 9.25 in.

Shipping weight:
Agitator body:
69 lbs

Motor drive:
29 lbs.
13 kg.

Actual dimensions:
Agitator body :
28 x 21 x 23.5 in
71x54x60 cm.

8x12x7.5 in.

Actual weight:
Agitator body Motor Drive:
86 lbs. total
39 kg.

19 lbs.


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