Artificial Insemination Catalog

Shipping and Billing:

SHIPPING INFORMATION:Orders will be shipped via truck collect unless otherwise specified.

PARCEL POST:Regulations limit the size and weight of mailing parcels. Packages up to 70 lbs. which are not more than 108" in length and girth combined may be mailed.

UNITED PARCEL SERVICE:Regulations also limit the size and weight of parcels. Maximum weight per package, 70 lbs. Maximum size per package, 108" in length and girth combined.

MINIMUM BILLING: $30.00 per order.

TERMS OF PAYMENT:Cash or net 30 days by special arrangement.

All warranty items are shipped prepaid by Federal Express, UPS Next Air, Express Mail, Emery or by any other means, to have said item replaced by the following business day (USA only).

Seller does not warrant or guarantee fitness for purpose, mer¬chantability, conception, quality or productivity, and no other warranty, oral or written, express or implied. The statements and procedures outlined are recommendations only, and are not to be understood as warranties. Seller shall, under no circumstances, be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages arising from the use of this product, whether based on negligence or any alleged warranty in an amount greater than the purchase price of the product in respect to which such claim is made.

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