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The actual A.I. process itself should be at a rate that keeps the hens relaxed and calm, so that the hens will be more receptive to the semen and ensure a quality semination. With this relaxed pace, your birds won't struggle or fight you, and the A.I. is more easily done. The insemination process is less strenuous and fatiguing, enabling one to obtain higher fertility and protect the egg in production.

Careless A.I. technique will result in lower fertility. With the hens held in position so that the oviduct can be inverted without any movement to the hen, the art of depositing one clean drop of semen in or as near to the pri­mary storage site is easily accom­plished. The sperm will naturally swim from where they are deposited to the primary storage sack; the closer they are, the better their chance of survival.

Semen should be deposited in one clean "clump." Our filtered, precision injection system creates a fine "whis­ per" of air that expels the semen from the A.I. This fine whisper of air (less than 2/10 of a pound of pressure) is kept the same at all times by a con­ stantly bleeding precision regulator, ensuring that every injection is the same. With its filtered air, no sperma- cidal material is being injected into the semen as it is with hand-held squeeze expellers.

We designed and built our A.I. Chair & Colossus for maximum fertility!

With the hen immobilized by our A.I. Chair & Colossus, one person can hold, invert and inject, obtaining higher fertility with less cost.


•  Inseminator has full control of A.I.

•  Up to 800 hens per hour

•  Automatic lubricator

•  Filter injection air

•  One size fits all, completely adjustable

•  Foam padded seat and back cushions

•  Precision constant-bled regulator

•  All controls mounted to rear of chair

•  Stainless steel chair frame, never rusts


•  Hens held firmly but gently

•  Padding will not harm hens' legs

• Padding stays soft when cold

• Automatically adjusts forbird's leg size

•  All moving parts have bearings

•  Light in weight yet durable

•  Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum

•  Anodized for protection and appearance


Inseminator's view

Our clamp when in the open position gives the catcher a large "target" area for placement of the hens legs. The closing valve is located so that the catcher closes the clamp onto the hens legs. With the breeder hen held directly in front of the inseminator, they will have complete control of the insemination process.

Automatic adjusting clamp for different leg sizes

We have found that even among the same breeder flock, leg size can vary greatly. Our Colossus clamp will automatically com­ pensate for this size difference. Both legs of the breeder hen will always have the same clamping pressure. Our clamp has grease fittings on our pivot points for longevity of service.

Rear view of chair

The controls for our A.I. Chair & Collossus are contained on the rear of our stainless steel frame, up and away from the floor. The high pressure regulator, air filter, low pressure regulator and gauge, check valve, and oiler are all one system.


Our A.I. Chair & Colossus requires an external air source.

Shipping Information:
Chair Frame:
29 x 23 x 25 in./61 lbs. 74 x 59 x 64 cm./28 kg.
Colossus Arm:
30 x 23 x 10 in./20 lbs. 76 x 51 x 25 cm./10 kg.
Actual Dimensions (Assembled):
28 x 20 x 19 in. (seat height) 71 x 51 x 48 cm. (seat height)
Actual Weight:
57 lbs. 26 kg.

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