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The semen dosage is probably the most important factor in the insemina­ tion process. It is widely known that an A.I. of 200 million sperm cells is suffi­ cient. One must have a semen dis­ penser that is accurate enough to ensure that the dosage remains con­ stant. Too high a count is wasteful, too low is detrimental to fertility. Our Patriot ensures an accurate dosage each time, even when changing shot size. To help ensure this accuracy, we were the first to recess our semen inside the A.I. tube, so that the semen is not drawn out upon insertion. This recession also aids in the prevention of any spermacidal material coming into contact with the semen.

The smaller the volume of semen that is stored, the shorter the life span of the semen cells. Our semen dispenser fills only one tube at a time for this reason. The use of multi-shot fillers will decrease the semen's lifespan while subjecting it to spermacidal material while the filled tubes are being held. We keep the semen and A.I. tubes warm through convection heat and not "hot" blown air that tends to stir up spermacidal material.


Our Patriot is 100% waterproof for ease and insurance of sanitation. Constructed of the finest materials, you will not find a semen dispenser in today's marketplace that will give you the trouble-free reliable years of service that the Patriot provides. History proves it: Our original Pneumatic Semen Dispenser, The Turcolossus, is 25 years old. They are still running today!

*Accurate quick-change semen dosage

*100% waterproof for ease of disinfection

*Semen and tubes warmed through convection heat

*Large hopper capacity (1800 A.I. tubes)

*Molded fiberglass cover

*Pneumatically poweredAll valves and cylinders rebuildable

3 Available Models:

#INF7-110 110 Volt 60hz

#INF7-220 220 Volt 50hz

#INF7-000 Less Heaters



Dosage: Changes in 15 seconds/16-40 tubes per cc (dosage in 2 1/2 increase)

Dosage advance arm:
Sealed clutch bearings

Cheap ratchet

Fiberglass cover quick-release latches for cleaning

Front needle plate is easily removable for cleaning

Patch cord in use

Use of "dust cap" during cleaning

Heaters: Both semen and tubes warmed through convection heat!

Shipping Information: 24.5 x 24.5 x 17.5in./46 lbs.63x63x45cm./21 kg.
Shipping Weight:
60 lbs.28 kg.
Actual Dimensions:
15.25 x 16.75 x 14.5 in.39x43x37 cm. 18 kg.
Actual Weight:
40 lbs.

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