International A.I. Sanitizer Catalog

We Offer a Complete Line Tailored For Your Needs

Our line of "Eliminator" Hatching Egg Sanitizers can be tailored to fit your individual needs. Rest assured that International A.I., Inc. will have the proper equipment. Dependent upon which model and the type of egg flat that you will be using, capacities of up to 8,600 turkey or 12,500 chicken eggs per hour are obtainable. Each machine is matched with conveyor speed to the properly sized wash and rinse nozzles to ensure that while we increase capacities, we do not decrease the longevity of the equipment from an improperly designed system.From recycled wash water to our "recharged" system, from 3,200 to 12,500 eggs per hour, to our blower/driers, we have the equipment that suits you. Don't settle for less have what you need, not "what they sold me."


The only egg sanitizer engineered from the inside out

The Sign for Quality

"Where the sum of the parts always equals the whole"
q + u + a + l + i + t + y = quality


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