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Eliminator 4B
All photos show right-hand machines

• 3/8" PVC construction
9,000 breeders
• 3,187 turkey/5,500 broiler/breeders eggs per hour
13" (15 cm) flats
2' incoming/ 3' outgoing conveyor
Fixed conveyor lengths

Our exclusive rear-hinged top
Easy access

Our exclusive top hinge
Easy access

•  Control panel
•  Mount where you please
•  Uses relay logic that is very simple and very reliable
•  Uses the same components are our larger models

Standard Features

Stainless steel TEFC pumps
Stainless steel heaters
Digital controls
High alarm
Low alarm
Emergency "shutdown" switch
TEFC conveyor motor
Hinged back top
3/4" stainless conveyor shafting
No-lube bearings
Threaded plumbing on all valves and unions
Schedule 80 plumbing
Waterproof NEMA 4X electrical on main body
Total water filtration
Quat spray splash guard
Conveyor stop switch
Spare float switch and thermocouple
Complete set of spare fuses
Conveyor drains
Leveling pads on main body and conveyors
Circulated quat for heated quat at the nozzle
Guides for flats to go directly under quat nozzles
Quat nozzles are spaced according to type of flat used
Nozzles line up directly over eggs
Quat spray bar quickly removes for replacement to other configuration or cleaning
Electrical: 220 volt, 60Hz, draws 62 amps; 3-phase and 50Hz available

Eliminator 4 Options

NEMA 4X digital covers
Neon lighted blown fuse indicators
Quick-change wash nozzles
Wide track system 22" (57 cm) wide conveyor chain
1'or 2' T conveyor extensions
Left hand load


Digital controllers 3 years; all other components carry a full 1-year warranty from delivery date. All warranty items shipped freight prepaid next day air, Federal Express, or by other means to have replacement item delivered to customer by the next business day ( USA ); Saturday next-day air service included.


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