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Eliminate Labor
"Eliminate" that extra person in your egg room with the purchase on an International A.I., Inc. Hatching Egg Sanitizer. Be more efficient by letting your egg gatherers "load" your eggs directly into our Sanitizer. When you collect directly onto your setting flats, you will not have to handle your eggs individually again after they have been sanitized, thus eliminating that extra labor while reducing your chance of cracks. You not only sanitize your hatching eggs, but also the flats themselves. With a reduction in both labor costs and number of cracks along with the possible increase in hatch our Hatching Egg Sanitizers will help to increase your profits immediately .

These Sanitizers will immediately reduce your egg room labor cost. So it's up to you. This season, you can continue to pay for that extra egg room labor, and continue to pay that labor cost year after year. Or, you can apply that reduction in labor cost to the purchase of one of our Sanitizers. By using our payment/labor chart, you will see that our Sanitizers WILL NOT cost you any revenue. By applying your savings of labor towards the purchase price, you can see for yourself, your overhead will not be increased, and actually, if you apply your savings correctly, you can decrease your overall costs and still pay for this purchase. Afterwards, this will also be your weekly savings. Think about this: You could save $12,000 next year on labor cost reduction. After five years this it adds up to $60,000 in savings! If you have been using an Aqua-Magic system for the last five years, that's $60,000 you spent needlessly. What possible reason can you have for not taking an action that will put these savings back into your pockets, year after year?




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