International A.I. Sanitizer Catalog

Did you know that International A.I., Inc.,

  • Was the first company to offer digital temperature control technology on Hatching Egg Sanitizers?
  • Was the first to offer the "split open" design of Hatching Egg Sanitizers?
  • Was the first to offer stainless steel healers as a standard feature?
  • Was the first to use stainless steel pumps? is the first to offer models constructed of both stainless steel and/or welded PVC?
  • The first to offer conveyor tracks of both the "open" and the "flat wire" system?
  • The first to offer a cost effective cleaning solution not based on chlorine, but using a balanced PH wash to eliminate harmful bacteria?

  • We may not be as well known, we may not be the largest, but we do sell the best. Where others follow,we often break new ground. By listening to our customers, we consistently produce equipment designed to work for you eliminating your high labor cost, eliminating high "cracked egg" numbers and eliminating destructive bacteria that reduces hatch. We help to eliminate the undesirable factors of egg sanitation that can result in lower hatches. We offer the "ELIMINATOR" series of Hatching Egg Sanitizers.

    Engineered, constructed and developed to meet your needs, with quality to last for the next generation, we build and design our equipment as if we were going to use it for our own production. Make it sturdy, make it reliable and most of all, if it does fail, make it quick to diagnose and easy to fix! Down time costs money.

    Our "surround spray" system has been engineered into each of our sanitizers. This system places the spray nozzles at the proper distance from your egg flats top and bottom to create a "chambered wall" of disinfectant spray that your eggs must travel through. Every egg, every time will be totally engulfed with the wash liquid. Our "cone spray" quat nozzles one placed directly over each row of eggs both rinse and apply the final sanitation solution. By using a true "cone type" nozzle, we eliminate the need for a third chamber. To reduce the quat from entering the wash chamber, we cover our conveyor chain under these nozzles so as not to spray onto the chain re-entering the wash chamber.

    For the multiple user, we have matched our pumps and heaters to be interchangeable between models. We don't just throw on any pump. We size our nozzles to the pump's output, so not to overwork or underwork these pumps, providing years of trouble-free operation a complete package, designed to work together.

    All of our features, from "surround spray" wash, "cone spray" quat nozzles, out-of-harms'-way rear-mounted waterproof electrical connections, rear hinged top, simple and reliable relay logic control panel, to stainless steel heaters and pumps, all found within our "ELIMINATOR" series of Hatching Egg Sanitizers/Washers, are, and were designed for the rigorous demands of every day use, on the farm or in the hatchery. Engineered to match flock size and egg volume, to water supply and conveyor speed, with eggs exposure time to sanitizing solution. These Sanitizers are well "thought out" machines. Combining stainless steel technology with PVC economy, we provide to the world's poultry industry the best engineered, most reliable and most cost effective Hatching Egg Sanitizers available. Working for you today, built to last for the next generation. International A.I., Inc. may not have reinvented the wheel, but we do build a better mouse trap!

    Bradley S. Blume




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